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The Amstrad CPC was usually criticised for its games, but if you were to look past its many Spectrum ports, you’d uncover there were plenty of amazing treasures for it. Join us as we commemorate 10 such examples that no Amstrad owners should be without.

North & & South North & & South is a wonderful instance of what the CPC can do when it wasn’ t being strained with Spectrum ports. Whilst Infogrames’ traditional method title certainly can’ t want to match the visuals of the excellent 16-bit versions, it’ s incredible just how well it captures the spirit of the initial French comic Les Tuniques Bleues on which the video game is based. Luckily the gameplay confirms to be equally as immersive as the striking visuals and also you’ ll soon find yourself hysterically attempting to restore as much of your challenger’ s land as possible while you fight it out with infantry, substantial cannons and even mobile forces. Outstanding stuff.


The simplest suggestions are frequently the very best and also they don’ t get far more uncomplicated than the wonderful Spindizzy. All you have to do is assist your spinning leading around 386 isometric screens in search of gems. Seems simple right? Well no, not truly, however that’ s why it s so wonderful. While most of the gems are easily placed, they quickly start to show up in all sorts of hard-to-reach locations, most of which need real ingenuity to can find more here from Our Articles Later gems can only be gotten to by flicking switches, making use of lifts and also jumping chasms, and that’ s prior to you even think about the surface that ends up being significantly challenging to negotiate the additional you progress. Oh, and also did we discuss you have to accumulate all these gems within a strict time frame & hellip;

Complete Eclipse

By the time Overall Eclipse appeared in 1988, developers Motivation currently had 2 Freescape titles under its belt. While there was absolutely nothing wrong with the sci-fi settings of Driller or Darkside, the familiar setting of Thirties Egypt makes Total Eclipse far easier to associate with. It likewise aids that it’ s much more practically competent, has remarkable puzzles as well as a scary tone that makes exploring the pyramid very atmospheric. A variety of play technicians were presented and also there was a tight two-hour duration to finish the game in, which would have been fine if the pyramid itself wasn’ t so complex to browse.


Royal prince Of Persia

Royal prince Of Persia is rather perhaps one of the most striking video games to ever show up on Alan Sugar’ s 8-bit computer system. Released in 1990 it’ s a real revelation and also conveniently showcases what the CPC can do when it’ s genuinely pressed. While the levels look luxurious it’ s the astonishing computer animation on the prince himself that truly thrills. Gameplay is just as excellent, with the royal prince flawlessly responding to either journalism of a joystick or stroke of a key. That understands? If video games like Royal prince Of Persia had appeared at the beginning of the CPC’ s life (as well as not god dreadful rubbish like Bridge It) things may have been quite different.

Chase HQ

On an unexpanded CPC 464, the digitised traditional line supplied by your boisterous partner – “– Let – s Go, Mr Vehicle driver — might not be heard. However that didn’ t detract from the gameplay of what was definitely a legendary CPC game conversion by Sea. If there was one problem regarding this game, it was that it obtained your adreneline pumping to the nth degree, making your palms sweaty as you surrounded the bad guy with the clock ticking perilously near to ‘& lsquo; Game Over , and smoke putting from below your tyres.The graphics were colourful and beefy, the rate, specifically when pressing the turbo, was surprisingly quick. Few games can match the pace, or certainly the action, of this video game.